How to Apply New Cabinet Door and Drawer Fronts

Give your cabinets an inexpensive facelift by applying new cabinet drawer and door fronts quickly and easily by yourself.

Studies have shown over and over again that kitchen and bathroom renovations are the soundest investments you can make in your home. Prospective buyers like to see updated kitchens and baths and this drives their resale value higher. Whether you’re considering a bathroom or a kitchen renovation for resale value or just because you’re sick of the way the rooms currently look, redecorating your bathroom and kitchen is a fun task and doesn’t need to cost a lot to make a huge difference.

Because not everyone has an unlimited budget for redecorating, a quick, easy and fairly inexpensive way to refresh your cabinetry is by adding new hardware and drawer and door fronts.

Ordering Your Drawer and Door Fronts

Unless you’re an old hand at cabinetry, you’ll probably want to purchase pre-made drawer and door fronts for your existing cabinetry. Go to your local hardware store and see what their selection is like. Most large stores will carry a variety of colors, woods, and styles that you can choose from so be careful with your selection to make sure you get something that most matches your permanent fixtures that will remain in place.

Make sure that you are ordering doors that work with your current style of cabinetry and that are the same size as your current doors and drawers. Careful measurements must be taken.

If you need to order laminate pieces for the fixed portions of the cabinets, do so at this time to make sure you get the recommended match.

Preparing Cabinets for New Hardware and Cabinet Doors

Next, you’ll want to remove all of your old cabinet doors and the hardware. If you’re using the old hardware give it a good wash or put it in a silver bath to give it new sparkle and life. If you’re purchasing new hardware pieces you’ll want to make sure they’re the same type and size as your old ones so that installation is as easy as possible.

Drawer fronts come in two varieties. If you have an applied front you simply have to pull out the drawer and unscrew the front and you’re ready to apply the new one. For solid drawer fronts, you’ll have to use a handsaw to cut off existing overhanging edges so the new front is the only piece hanging over the edges.

While each piece is removed, give the remaining cabinetry a good bath with a mild detergent to remove any grime that has accumulated over the years.

Attaching the New Drawer and Door Fronts

If you’re going to apply laminate pieces to the existing cabinetry do it at this stage when the cabinets are exposed and clean.

Then move on to the doors and drawer fronts. Simply attach the hardware to the doors and screw the doors back onto the cabinets. For drawers, either screw the fronts on the drawers, carefully centering them so they end up even and flush with each other.

For the finishing touch, add any drawer pulls or cabinet door handles and you’re done!

New drawer and door fronts are a simple way to update kitchen and bathrooms and give the entire space a new look without spending a huge amount of money. It depends on the size of the cabinetry you’re refacing, but this project can usually be completed within a day.