Why Do I Have Diarrhea Every Day?


There are many reasons for having diarrhea but if you have diarrhea every day or even every other day for a long period of time, then you are a victim of chronic diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea is more severe than common diarrhea, which runs its course and then dies out naturally.

Diarrhea vs. chronic diarrhea

The first thing you should do if you have chronic diarrhea is consulting a doctor and get medication prescribed to control the situation.

Note that if diarrhea has just begun, then you are supposed to give it some time. Only when it doesn’t end for a long duration of time spanning weeks and then months, does it officially become “chronic diarrhea”.

Things to do for every day diarrhea

If you have diarrhea every day, there are certain things you can do besides going to a doctor to ease your life and get cured faster. The first thing is research on yourself. What kind of foods trigger diarrhea? Try isolating the food components slowly if you think everything you eat creates the problem.

Does anyone in your family has had a history of chronic diarrhea? What medications are you on right now (besides the ones meant for diarrhea)? What secondary symptoms do you get with your everyday diarrhea? Is your diarrhea continuous? Or does it become active at certain times? Check to see if there are any causes that coincide with those listed at the CDC.

All this information can be collected and then given to the doctor. The doctor will then be able to find a better cure for you. It will also help the doctor tell you ways and methods using which your diarrhea can be cured faster.

For chronic diarrhea, you might need to seek the help of advanced medication. There are countless medications and processes for diarrhea – some more popular than others. It is highly recommended that you research as much as possible through professional communities, internet forums, and doctors in your known circle. Once you have a good list of possible treatments you can opt for under your belt, decide which one is the most suitable for your unique situation. Try out these 15 effective ways shared by HealthEssential. Maybe they will be useful.

A brief intro to medication

Throughout history, some medications help some people while don’t have any effect on others. Some help initially, but can’t help in the long term. Some stop diarrhea but make it return in a few years with increased severity. All these cases are results of poor research before opting for a medication. Don’t make your case similar to one of these.

The reason why do you have diarrhea every day can be your genetics or maybe just something wrong with the area you live in and its produce. It can be something severe or something that will go away sooner than you expect. Whatever the case is, the medication can only be provided by a qualified doctor. Be as clear and analytic about your situation as possible. That will help the doctor take a better decision about your condition. And as a result, you will be cured more efficiently and probably also faster.

Many people blindly go for random medication that worked for someone they knew. Don’t be like them.