Natural Facial Skin Care for Any Skin Type

Eco-friendly cleansers and all natural moisturizers direct from nature are the best way to care for any skin. They are often available inexpensively for do-it-yourself home use.

Eco-Friendly Skin Care Cleansers

There are many skin care cleansers touted as “natural”. Consumers need to verify a company’s claims by reading the ingredient list and to double-check the validity of the “natural” claim. The website, such as Skin Deep, a database of the Environmental Working Group, which monitors the cosmetics industry, are great tools to help in that verification.

Legitimate all natural soaps have very few ingredients since they are made primarily from saponified oils and fragrant essential oils. Washing with a natural soap before bedtime each night is the best routine for natural skin care. Rinsing with water only each morning will prevent over-drying.

African Black soap is a natural soap that is deeply moisturizing and yet effective for cleansing, with mild exfoliant properties. A reduction of irregularities on the skin can be seen after a few weeks of consistent use.

Toning is an Integral Step in Skin Care

Toning with a natural astringent to deep clean and tighten pores is an important step. For natural toning, try witch hazel on oily parts of the face. Over-the-counter witch hazel, found in any drug store, does have approximately 15-20% alcohol, but it is still gentle enough to use on facial skin.

Skin Care for Acne and Black Head Blemishes

Tea Tree oil, the Australian natural antibiotic oil, is a great way to obliterate blemishes and repeated break-outs—without the side-effects from expensive medications. Tea Tree oil does smell strong though, similar to turpentine or camphor. The aroma does dissipate quickly, however, usually within just a few minutes.

Tea Tree oil is a little pricey, but long-lasting. It is available from retailers that sell essential oils.

Healing Skin Imperfections with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera acts as a humectant (attracting water to the skin) and also heals up imperfections and scars. It quickly soaks in and leaves skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Aloe Vera gel is found in a bottled form in most grocery stores, but it is important to make sure that the gel is 100%, Aloe Vera.

Keys to Skin Care Moisturizing

  • One of the best natural moisturizing oils is olive oil. According to The Olive Oil Source, a website serving the olive oil industry: “Antioxidants help slow the aging process.” Olive Oil is rich in these antioxidants, particularly Vitamin E; known for its cell regenerative abilities.
  • The amount of whole milk to olive oil, mixing, and applying to facial skin for 15-minutes and rinsed off with water is an easy spa treatment mask, that can be done each night.
  • Aging comes from sun exposure. To keep skin protected, use a full-spectrum SPF sunscreen each day year-round. Alba, a natural cosmetic manufacturer, has a line of mostly natural sunscreens to choose from. (There is no completely natural sunscreen on the market, to date.)

Healthy skin care is best when natural products are used. Following a regular routine using non-toxic, natural cosmetics will yield the most effective results for healthy skin care—perhaps yielding a natural beauty, similar to the ancient queen, Cleopatra.